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ILCA Africa Programme

Liver cancer is associated with high mortality rates worldwide, but global incidence rates vary dramatically because of geographical differences in underlying chronic liver diseases such as viral hepatitis. The African continent is one of the regions that has a very high disease burden. In contrast, clinical and scientific resources for diagnosis, treatment and research of liver cancer are very limited in most parts of this continent. ILCA recognizes this huge clinical and scientific need and would like to develop activities that have a focus on Africa.

ILCA is counting with the precious help of Dr. Lewis Roberts as the ILCA Ambassador for Africa. Dr. Roberts will help ILCA attain its mission to lead a global Community of physicians, scientists and allied professionals through education and research with the goal to better prevent and treat liver cancer, with a focus on the African continent. And specifically, to identify, propose and supervise research and educational opportunities, projects and initiatives arising from or devoted to Africa, liaising with local or international societies and programs, on behalf of the Governing Board.

Below some of the key activities that we will work on:

ILCA Africa Programme
Dr. Lewis Roberts, ILCA Ambassador for Africa
Support research fellowship for 2022 with projects in Africa with a topic that it is relevant to for Africa patients.
Work closely with AHPBCC (Africa Hepatopancreatobiliary Cancer Consortium) in developing programs of education in Africa.
Establish Developing a mentoring programme to help African investigators apply for funding opportunities in the US and Europe.

Partnering with AHPBCCC

The International Liver Cancer Association (ILCA), the only international organization devoted exclusively to liver cancer research for experts from all related disciplines, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Africa HepatoPancreatoBiliary Cancer Consortium (AHPBCC). Through this partnership, ILCA will provide expertise and assistance to the AHPBCC and its members in two critical areas: (1) Education and (2) Mentorship.


ILCA has a long history of organizing and executing educational offerings and networks. This expertise, partnered with the on-the-ground knowledge of our Africa based AHPBCC investigators, will ensure that quality education offerings are available to early career HepatoPancreatoBiliary cancer researchers regardless of geographical location or access to travel funding.


ILCA has committed to assist the AHPBCC in the development of a Mentoring Guide and matching early/mid-career investigators to established investigators within the ILCA network. This program will encourage experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in applying for international research funding to guide early and mid-career investigators based in Africa.

ILCA & AHPBCC Partnership Announcement
ILCA Africa Programme
  • ILCA Annual Conference. 1-4 September, 2022. Madrid, Spain.
  • Webinar: Taking that next step: Tips on how to become an independent researcher and lead your own projects. 22 September, 2022.
  • Webinar: Recent developments in targeted therapies in BTC. 11 October, 2022.
  • Webinar: Recommendations for practicing TACE. 13 December, 2022.