As part of its objective to advance liver cancer research and care worldwide, ILCA regularly engages into collaborations with key scientific associations to organize joint sessions at their events.

Past initiatives include the following multidisciplinary international joint meetings:

ILCA-AASLD Symposium (September 2019, Chicago, USA)

  • End-Points and Rationale for Phase III Trails in HCC: Adjuvant, Intermediate and Advanced HCC
  • Immunotherap for HCC: What’s Next?
  • Pathogenesis and Systemic Management of iCCA: Role of Molecular Therapies

ILCA-EASL Symposium (September 2019, Chicago, USA)

  • Assessment of Risk and Decision Analysis
  • Risk Assessment for Outcomes Following Potentially Curative Treatments for HCC
  • Assessing Risk for Bad Outcomes Following TACE and Systemic Therapy

EASL-ILCA Joint Workshop at EASL Liver Meeting 2015 (April 2015, Vienna, Austria)

  • Identification of biomarkers and candidates for targeted drug therapy
  • HCC Staging Systems 2014 – Time for a change?
  • Current clinical landscape in systemic therapy
  • Locoreginal therapy: Patient selection, methods, response assessment
  • Surgery at the borderline: extended resection, Tx beyond Milan

EASL-ILCA Joint Workshop at EASL Liver Meeting 2013 (April 2013, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

  • Resection, Transplantation, Ablation: Triage Among Curative Options for HCC
  • Transcatheter Treatments For HCC: Chemoembolization vs. Radioembolization
  • Evolving Concepts in HCC Response Assessment and Radiological Endpoints
  • Combining Loco-Regional and Systemic Treatments In HCC: Where Do We Stand?
  • Molecular Targeted Therapy For HCC: Why Trials are Failing and What We Can Do

CIRSE-ILCA Collaborative Symposium at ECIO (July 2010, Florence, Italy)

Diagnosis and treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma: ongoing challenges

  • When is biopsy needed and image not enough? Novel pathology criteria
  • HCC staging, evaluation of treatment efficacy and detection of recurrence
  • Surgery and interventional radiology: competitors or complementary
  • Is radiotherapy back for the treatment of HCC?

EASL-ILCA Joint Symposium at EASL liver Meeting (April 2010, Vienna, Austria)

New advancements in HCC research

  • miRNA: targets for therapies and markers for HCC outcome prediction
  • Integrative molecular classification of HCC
  • Systematic review of loco-regional therapies in HCC
  • Emerging drugs in phase I/II clincial trials in HCC

APASL – ILCA Symposium at APASL conference (March 2010, Beijing, China)

  • Treatment Algorithm of HCC
  • On the Frontier of Molecular Targeted Therapy for HCC
  • Molecular Targeted Therapy in China
  • Prevention of HCC in Chronic Viral Hepatitis

JSH-ILCA Session at 3rd Kobe International Liver Symposium on HCC (June 2009, Kobe, Japan)

Integrating Research and practice in Hepatocellular Carcinoma

  • Basic Session : Genomics and Signaling Pathways in HCC
  • Clinical Session : Evidence-based Diagnosis and Treatment of HCC

ACCR-ILCA Special Session at ACCR Annual Meeting (April 2009, Denver, USA)

Hepatobiliary Cancer

  • Identification of Driver Genes in Human HCC
  • Role of miRNAs in Human HCC
  • Tumor Dormancy and Oncogene Addiction in HCC
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of Human HCC in the New Millennium

ILCA-ILC Joint workshop (June 2008, Hong Kong)

Treatment for Advanced HCC

  • Medical Treatment of HCC
  • Molecular targeted therapies for HCC: from bench to clinic

EASL-ILCA Joint Workshop at EASL Liver Meeting (April 2008, Milan, Italy)

Hepatocellular Carcinoma : Current Changes in Research and Practice

  • Pathogenesis of HCC : the Fibrosis Connection
  • Genomic Profiling and Prognosis : Are the Data There?
  • HCC Origin : Hepatocyte vs Stem Cell
  • Current Challenges in Surgical Therapy
  • Current Evidence Based Practice and Research Trial Design
  • Transition from Past Failure to Emerging Active Therapies

CIRSE-ILCA Collaborative Symposium at ECIO (April 2008, Florence, Italy)

Blending Interventional Radiology and Molecular Medicine in HCC

  • Epidemiology and Diagnosis of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
  • Interventional Radiology and Molecular Medicine