The ILCA School of Liver Cancer is fast approaching! Join us on 11-12 December for the first Virtual ILCA School and learn from the best!

The ILCA School gives you an opportunity to enhance your scientific experience by attending a multidisciplinary programme delivered by the most eminent international liver cancer specialists. Here are some of the hot topics that will be covered at the ILCA School:

The impact of antiviral treatment of hepatitis B and C on the incidence of HCC in cirrhotic and non cirrhotic patients will be discussed as well as the controversy of the potential role of direct antiviral agent on tumor recurrence after a first treatment for a HCC.

Several up to date presentations on the diagnosis and management of small and advanced intra hepatic and extrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and mixed tumors will be presented and illustrated by an interactive clinical case. The place of liver transplantation and the place of new systemic treatments will be detailed.

Curative treatments
The place of each curative treatment on the therapeutic algorithm will be discussed. The extension of criteria for resection, ablation and transplantation as well as their potential pitfalls are the main topic of the presentation performed on curative treatments of HCC. Several clinical cases will be presented in order to run interactive discussions between the panelists and the digital attendees.

Pathogenesis of HCC
The pathogenesis of NASH related HCC as well as the potential data available on chemopreventive agents in preclinical models will be covered in this topic. The molecular biology and its potential implication in clinical practice, the role of immune system in HCC development and the identification of new therapeutic targets in preclinical models will be also discussed.

The role of biopsy in diagnosis, prognosis and as a theranostic tool will be discussed as well as the role of artificial intelligence in the field.

The place of radiology and functional imaging in the diagnosis of HCC and the controversy of assessment of radiological response after HCC treatment will be developed in this session. Moreover, the recent advances on percutaneous ablation and transarterial treatments will be discussed.

The controversial role of SIRT versus systemic treatments in patients with locally advanced HCC will be debated. The recent development on systemic treatments including tyrosine kinase inhibitors and immunotherapy and the area of uncertainty in the sequence of systemic treatments in patients with advanced HCC will be discussed.

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Check out the ILCA Systemic Therapy Guidance

The past few years have witnessed huge progress in the treatment of advanced HCC and the therapeutic landscape has been transformed. In order to provide comprehensive, up-to-date and readily accessible information about the latest treatment, ILCA has developed on-line guidance. The guidance has been launched at the ILCA 2020 conference during which Tim Meyer, UCL Cancer Institute, University College in London, UK and Robin Kate Kelley, Associate Professor University of California, San Francisco, USA have presented the key features as:

  • Interactive therapeutic algorithm
  • Summary of and links to key data that provide the evidence base for current therapy
  • Focussed discussion on clinical decision making according to specific clinical contexts

ILCA Systemic Therapy Guidance 

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