A single lecture does not make a workshop or a conference. What makes a workshop or a conference is outstanding faculty, staff, and educational programme. Our ILCA education is committed to offering Liver Cancer specialists a high-quality education; opportunities in innovative programmes such as the ILCA Tumor Board, our 2022 Africa Fellowship programme, and research by our Y-ILCA community. That said, I am incredibly excited about our 2022 educational programme. It features state-of-the-art science and outstanding learning environments for our attendees, where high-quality teaching and peer-to-peer networking happen.

The recent edition of the prestigious ILCA School of Liver Cancer has just been held and was an enormous success. Again, a sell-out event; it was this time in Chicago on 26-27 May. My thanks to the great contribution of our hosts The University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Rush University and Loyola University – their multi-centre collaboration was a case-study in its own right!

By the time you are reading this, our first Single Topic Workshop will be only a few days away. Designed to be a small, intimate setting with a very high KOL: attendee ratio, we are intending for the workshop to offer the very best learning and networking opportunities. Our theme for this workshop is HCC Risk Stratification and Surveillance and will be held in Paris on 9-10 June. Following demand, we have decided to open up the workshop to an online audience thereby extending the learning opportunities to those who are not able to travel. Of course, the greatest benefit comes from attending in person, so if you do have the chance, I urge you to join us there in my home city! We have a few places left only, so register quickly via ILCA-online.org.

Our annual conference is critical to liver cancer specialists everywhere and to educational and professional development of our ILCA community. A broad educational programme is intertwined with networking, and it may be the best kind of learning – the chance to ask research leaders directly in person.

As part of our ongoing strategy to engage and involve students early in their career in ILCA education, I am delighted to announce that students can register free-of-charge to the ILCA conference, the best liver cancer meeting in the world, thanks to the generous support of one of ILCA’s partners: Ipsen. Make sure you let your students and residents know about this fantastic opportunity! More information can be found on ILCA2022.org.

ILCA is a thriving, innovative association and it offers valuable and essential skills for the future, ultimately helping to equip our multi-disciplinary community with the latest knowledge so that they may detect earlier and provide better patient care. Through our Podcast and Webinar series, we aim to do just that in shorter, more timely formats than that found in our workshops and conferences.

Our recent podcasts on Phase III data presented at ESMO and ASCO GI and on the recently published research article Protective benefit of minimally invasive liver surgery for hepatocellular carcinoma prior to transplant are particularly well worth a listen.

Coming soon, on 16 June, our next ILCA webinar will examine “Tumor heterogeneity in HCC analyzed by single cell analysis”. All of our podcasts and our webinars are, currently, free for all, and can be found in the education area on the ILCA website.

As proud as I am of the ever-higher levels of ILCA education being delivered, I am equally proud of the outstanding work being undertaken throughout ILCA. Our forthcoming ILCA guidance document on TACE represents the next step in our commitment to publish the authoritive guides for liver cancer specialists. ILCA advocacy continues to advance and represents an increasing emphasis in engaging patient bodies.

You can learn more about the new Tace guidance document and our Advocacy work during our Annual Conference in Madrid on 1-4 September. Make sure you book your space soon and I look forward to seeing there and, possibly, as well as at one of our other educational events happening soon!

Best wishes and regards to all,

The ILCA Governing Board

President Jessica Zucman-Rossi (France)
Executive Secretary Augusto Villanueva (USA)
Treasurer Tim Meyer (UK)
Past President Bruno Sangro (Spain)

Stephen Chan (Hong Kong)
Valerie Chew (Singapore)
R. Kate Kelley (USA)
Laura Kulik (USA)
Jeong Min Lee (Republic of Korea)
Amaia Lujambio (USA)
Valérie Paradis (France)
Lorenza Rimassa (Italy)
Gonzalo Sapisochin (Canada)
Amit Singal (USA)