We are thrilled to announce that the call for applications to compose the Young Investigators Steering Committee of ILCA (Y-ILCA) is open!

Mark your calendar and take advantage of two extra weeks to submit your research.


The main goals of this committee are to promote young investigators in ILCA, communicate the activities of ILCA to young investigators, build a young investigators active community and participate in the organization of activities for young investigators in ILCA educational activities, including the annual conference.

If you are interested, please send your CV and a motivation letter to [email protected] before 31 May 2021. The ILCA Executive Committee will select the final candidates and the term for these members will be 3 years (2021 – 2024).


What’s in it for me

  • Be connected to ILCA and Liver Cancer Leaders
  • Develop your own career through learning from others
  • Be more prominent and grow your own network
  • Close collaboration and mentorship from a member of the ILCA Governing Board

Your role as a Y-ILCA member

Y-ILCA will work with Prof Laura M Kulik, MD (Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, US), member of the ILCA Governing Board, and with the help of the ILCA office to promote young investigators in ILCA.

  • Meet virtually each other at least 2 times per year outside the ILCA conference and one time per year during the ILCA conference.
  • Provide twice a year a newsletter dedicated to Young Investigators.
  • Provide a journal club of the recent up-to-date publications on primary liver cancers for the ILCA newsletter.
  • Propose communication and networking activities dedicated to young investigators during the ILCA confernce but also outside the ILCA conference.
  • Help organize the Young Investigator session in the ILCA conference.
  • Create and manage a Young investigators page on the ILCA website.
  • Provide advice to the EC on any matter that may affect or involve young investigators.