Learn the latest in clinical practice and research in liver cancer

Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is the most common form of liver cancer worldwide and carries a poor prognosis. It is the 4th leading cause of cancer-related death and typically has a low estimated 5-year survival rate. Incidence rates are on the up all over the world.
Join us for a look back at some of the ground-breaking research and guidance from ILCA’s 2020 conference – the world’s leading liver cancer meeting. Don’t miss it! Register now for 1 hour of cutting-edge content that will sharpen your skills and expand your knowledge.
ILCA – the 2020 conference unwrapped
Join ILCA’s Executive Secretary Augusto Villanuevaaward winner, researcher and author, as he shares his personal highlights from the 2020 ILCA conference. As Augusto breaks down the conference programme, get inspired by some of the best content of the top leaders in liver cancer. Tune in for a session that has something for everyone.
ILCA Guidance on systematic therapies in HCC – the expert guide
Do you want to build your knowledge and competency about systemic therapies in HCC? Join Stephen Chan, a highly-regarded Hong Kong-based oncologist specialising in HCC being involved on the ILCA’s 2020 guidance on systemic therapies, for his take on this rapidly evolving therapeutic area. Stephen will share the most up-to-date recommendations in this must-see presentation.
Discover new developments in sequencing therapies in HCC
What are the new developments that took hold in the past year? What are the new therapies we all need to get to grips with and what are the most appropriate sequencing pathways for these agents? Join Lorenza Rimassa, prolific peer-reviewed author and Associate Editor for Liver Cancer International, as she reviews the latest developments in sequencing therapies in HCC as presented in the 2020 ILCA conference. Lorenza will highlight those with the strongest results and present her own conclusions.
Three clinical studies you really need to know about
What insights and tips can we learn from the many clinical studies presented at ILCA 2020? Join Joong-Won Park, world-renowned key opinion leader and former head of the Center for Liver Cancer, NCC in Republic of Korea, for his talk about the three clinical studies which impressed him the most. Be inspired by bold, brilliant research that will make you think beyond the bounds of traditional approaches.
What I learnt – embracing the best basic & translational research
Go behind-the-research to learn what inspired translational researcher and Associate Editor of the Journal of Hepatology, Jean-Charles Nault, from all the basic and translational research presentations at ILCA 2020. Get learnings and perspectives from the best presentations as you join Jean-Charles’ captivating “What I learnt” talk.

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