The Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) at IDIBAPSHospital Clínic of Barcelona is a multidisciplinary team involving all relevant medical specialities devoted to clinical care, research and education in the field of liver cancer. It combines state of the art diagnosis and therapy, with the development of several research projects to evaluate new treatment options. These include laboratory studies in cell cultures or animal models and clinical trials in patients with liver cancer.


The BCLC group was created in 1986 by Jordi Bruix and Concepció Bru. The initial studies focused on clinical issues related to the epidemiology, diagnosis and natural history of liver cancer. The need to incorporate expertise and knowledge in different fields primed the incorporation of physicians working in pathology (Manel Solé), computed tomography and magnetic resonance (Carmen Ayuso), hepatic Surgery (Josep Fuster) and vascular radiology and intervention (Xavier Montanyà and Maribel Real).

Fellows in training were attracted almost from the beginning, the first one being Xavier Calvet (Hepatologist). He was followed by several others that, in some instances, have become Faculty at the Hospital Clínic and stable members of the BCLC itself.

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