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Bayer HealthCare, a subgroup of Bayer AG, is one of the world’s leading, innovative companies in the healthcare and medical products industry and is based in Leverkusen, Germany. Bayer is committed to advancing the science of cancer, and translating this science into therapies that can help people with cancer live longer. With several compounds in clinical development, Bayer’s oncology portfolio demonstrates the Company’s commitment to developing innovative cancer therapies. Find more information at www.bayerhealthcare.com.

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Sirtex Medical is an Australian publically listed company operating globally with offices in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific. Sirtex primary objective is to research and develop effective treatments for liver cancer using novel small particle technology. The lead product of Sirtex Medical, SIR-Spheres® microspheres, is a form of targeted internal radiotherapy which enables high doses of absorbed radiation to treat extensive unresectable liver tumours whilst conserving normal liver parenchyma. We are supporting an extensive and ongoing programme of prospective clinical trials with SIR-Spheres® microspheres in liver cancer including collaborative group and investigator-initiated studies as well as those run directly by the company.

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Bristol-Myers Squibb is a global biopharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail against serious diseases. Around the world, our medicines are helping millions of patients in their fight against such diseases as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hepatitis B, HIV/AIDS, psychiatric disorders and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition, our philanthropic programmes have given new hope to some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

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Biocompatibles UK Ltd. is a leading Medical Technology company operating principally in the field of Drug-Device Combination Products. We develop, manufacture and market implantable products with differentiated safety and efficacy profiles to address the needs of patients with cancer of the liver and prostate.

DC Bead® is an embolic Drug-Eluting Bead capable of loading and releasing in a controlled manner chemotherapeutic agents. DC Bead is CE-Mark approved for loading with doxorubicin (DEBDOX™) and irinotecan (DEBIRI™).
For more information, please visit www.biocompatibles.com



Abbott is a global, broad-based health care company devoted to discovering new medicines, new technologies and new ways to manage health. Our products span the continuum of care, from nutritional products to medical devices and pharmaceutical therapies. Our comprehensive product line encircles life itself – addressing important health needs for all ages.


Delcath Systems, Inc. is a pharmaceutical and medical device company focused on oncology. Our proprietary system for chemosaturation is designed to administer high dose chemotherapy and other therapeutic agents to diseased organs or regions of the body, while controlling the systemic exposure of those agents. Our initial focus is on the treatment of primary and metastatic liver cancers. We received CE Mark approval for the Hepatic CHEMOSAT® delivery system in April 2011.


This activity is supported by an educational grant from ImCloneSystems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eli Lilly and Company. For further information concerning ImClone Systems grant funding visit www.imclonegrantoffice.com.


INTIO Inc is focused on developing imaging visualisation tools that integrate and enhance the workflow in Interventional Oncology procedures. Our vision is to provide a dedicated oncology visualisation system specifically designed for IO procedures to include: PLANNING, TARGETING, MONITORING, ASSESSMENT and PATIENT DATA MANAGEMENT.
INTIO will demonstrate the ClearStartŸSVMTM system at ILCA 2011. The ClearStartŸSVMTM is designed for simple and fast quantification of tumour volumes for accurate treatment planning and tumour response assessment.


Varian Medical Systems, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, and Brachytherapy. Varian is a premier supplier of tubes and digital detectors for X-ray imaging in medical, scientific, and industrial applications and also supplies X-ray imaging products for cargo screening and industrial inspection. Please visit www.varian.com for more information.